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NYC Air Conditioning Repair is a licensed and bonded heating and cooling company serving the whole NYC metro area.  We are here to provide all of your Sales, Repair, Service and Installation needs.  Our qualified technicians make sure the job is done right the first time.  No matter when your heating or cooling emergency occurs rest assured that we are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We sell, service and repair central air units, ductless mini split units, thru wall air conditioners, wall AC’s, PTAC units and window AC units. Being one of the only full service companies in the NYC metro area you can rely on getting the best prices for your particular situation.

We service the NYC metro area, ManhattanBrooklyn, Bronx and Queens. There is no job too  big or small. Contact us today at (212) 202-0337 for a free estimate.

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AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair NYCAir Conditioning on the fritz? Call a certified and qualified repair company today.  Do not live another day in the heat or cold.

AC Service

NYC AC ServiceMaintaining your Air Conditioning unit each year will prolong the life of the unit as well as save you money each month.

AC Sales

AC Sales in NYCNow is the time to upgrade to a new energy efficient Air Conditioning system and you may be eligible for tax rebates!

Free Quotes

AC Repair QuoteNYC Air Conditioning Repair provides FREE No Obligation Quotes for both residential and commercial situations. Call today to get started.

What our NYC Air Conditioning Repair Clients Say!

Our Central Air Conditioning unit stopped working the middle of August and NYC Air Conditioning Repair  came the same day and had the parts we needed to get back and running.  I absolutely recommend these guys!
Dave, NYC
We had a brand new thru wall unit installed in our home.  Everything went smoothly and price was right! We called around to many different companies before deciding on NYC Air Conditioning Repair.
Jaime & Sam, New York City

NYC Air Conditioning FAQ

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How long does it take to install a central Air Conditioning Unit?
There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to determining the amount of time needed to install your unit.  First the size of the house, type of cooling unit being installed, what kind of access is available, is there currently ducking installed, and much more. Call today to schedule a free no obligation quote and one of our trained technicians will come to your residence and answer all of questions.

Do you provide a warantee ?
All of our Air Conditions and repair work is fully guaranteed and warranteed. Please inquire about the specific length of the warrantee as it will vary depending on the brand of air conditioning that is installed in your NYC home.

How do I determine which kind of Air Conditioning is right for my home?
There are many different things that go into determining what the best possible heating or cooling system is for your home. The best way is to have a qualified technician evaluate your home and present you with the options that are available in your situation.

Is there anything I can do to trouble shoot my problems before calling a technician?
We recommend that you do not try to fix a broken air conditioning unit yourself due to the extreme risk of being shocked.  Anything that is connected to high level electricity runs the risk of electrocution.

When is the best time to purchase an Air Conditioner?
Early spring usually offers the time for the best rebates and the introduction of new energy efficient models. However, late summer has the best deals but not a large selection. Many companies are trying to sell their old stock to get ready for the new models.

What features should I look for in an AC unit?
You should look for an unit that has a thermostat that is adjustable, atleast two cooling and fan speeds, energy efficient mode, Adjustable vents to direct air, and a way to vent fresh air into the house.  You should also look for a warrantee  of 5 or more years and complete replacement if something happens within the first year.

Brands of Air Conditioning Units We Service in NYC

Air Conditioning brands

We proudly The Brand we sell and service are : Fujitsu,Mitsubishi ,Sanyo,LG ,Panasonic,Soleus,Daikin,EMC. Trane, American Standard, York, Luxaire, Colleman, Goodman, Carrier. Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, Islandaire, Ice cap, Ice air, SimonAir,McQuay, AAF, SlantFin, ComfortAire.

More Information Regarding Selecting an Air Conditioning in NYC

When the summer days get extremely hot there is no way of getting around turning on your air conditioning in NYC. With that in mind there are many things you can do to help be as cost conscious as possible. Below are 10 tips to help save money and stay cool when it is warm.

1. In the summer you need to realize when you are sleeping there is not as much need to be cool.  Once the body is at rest it usually does not notice temperature changes as much.  Installing a ceiling fan can take the place of running the air during the night time and save money on your air conditioning bill.

2. Cooling the whole house is extremely expensive. Try to have your house sectioned in zones so that you are only cooling what you need.  A portable cooling unit can save you up to 50% and cool the same amount of space in your NYC Home.

3. If you are lucky enough to have a finished basement it will be the coolest area of your home.  Try closing all the vents on the lower level and the cool air will naturally find its way down there but will keep the upstairs cooler longer.

4. One of the most overlooked things is servicing your cooling unit.  There are many things over time that can affect the energy efficiency of your NYC Air Conditioning. By scheduling routine maintenance you can improve performance up to 15%.

5. Properly cleaning your duct system and making sure it is properly insulated will help carry the cool air longer with out warming up as fast. Duct cleaning is just one cheap but effective servicing that pays for itself in savings.

6. Making sure none of your vents are being covered or obstructed can help improve circulation and wasteful energy.

7. Looking for the perfect temperature to leave your unit at? Try 78 degrees because most air conditioning units are set to function and operate properly at this temperature.

8. Old lighting can be a cause of heating your house. By replacing your current lighting with energy efficient lighting will be a win win situation. Not only will you be reducing the amount of heat produced by the bulbs but you will also be saving money.

9. Do not cool a home that is empty. Set your thermostat up to around 85 degrees, keep windows, drapes and window coverings closed to reflect the sun.

10. Operating circulating fans will help move air around the house and the overall result will feel like a cooler house even if you do not see an actual temperature decrease.